Montana Engagement Session - Seth and Dani

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It was a dark and stormy day... 

Perfect weather for engagement photography! 

Now, I know what you're thinking... "Why would anyone possibly want engagement photos during thick fog and overcast?" Well, many reasons actually. 
Being a Wedding and engagement photographer in Montana means being adaptable to any weather situation. As many may know, our state is as temperamental with her weather as she is beautiful. East Rosebud lake is a BEAUTIFUL spot to get engagement photos taken, even when blanketed in a thick sheet of fog. 

Here are some reasons why I love shooting in overcast conditions:

1. It sets the Mood

If you are looking for boring, bland and drab photos, then look away. Overcast, cloudy, and otherwise "bad" conditions make for breathtaking photos. Shooting in overcast provides a moody vibe that is nearly impossible to achieve otherwise! 

Try accomplishing this shot with bright sunlight.. I'm waiting. 

Try accomplishing this shot with bright sunlight.. I'm waiting. 

2. Overcast conditions diffuse sunlight

If you have ever had your pictures taken during the day  (or maybe you have tried to have a session during the day) then you know that overhead sunlight is horrible to work with. It casts unflattering shadows on the face, the light is "harsh", colors are dull, and there are reflections on everything. Studios are fantastic because they are a controlled environment, and their lighting systems have giant soft boxes that help diffuse light, making it "soft"  (brilliant name hey?) and fall on the face beautifully. 
Overcast conditions do the same exact thing, but without costly studio equipment.

Seriously, try this at noon on a clear day and tell me how it turns out. 

Seriously, try this at noon on a clear day and tell me how it turns out. 

3. It develops your skill as a photographer

Wouldn't it be great if we could photograph couples during epic sunsets for every shoot? It would make life so much easier. The reality is that Montana does not have predictable weather, clients schedules are not that malleable, and life just isn't fair. In order to work around this, try to shoot in your typical "unideal" scenarios to break out of your comfort zone. The more adaptable you are to changing weather conditions and scenarios makes you more hire-able! 

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4. Most importantly, it helps create a memorable engagement session for your clients.  

If your couple wanted a boring, cookie cutter engagement session, then they probably would have gone elsewhere (hopefully).  A couple picks an engagement photographer for the quality of their work, but also the memories that they will last a lifetime. Having an overcast day will help set the stage to develop some truly remarkable photographs. 

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